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About Us

Moonjar LLC- We are a team of three. Our mission is to help families start Saving Spending and Sharing conversations with each other. We created our first Moonjars in 2002 (Valentines Day is our Moonjaraversary)! Since then we have continued to work to create products to further youth Financial Literacy in the USA and around the world! We sell our products to Credit Unions, Banks, Schools, Non For Profits, Religious Organizations, Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Caregivers- anybody interested in learning positive money habits.    We have distributors in Australia and Canada too! We are also part of a new program in Dubai and several camps in Viet Nam. 

Dynamic Presentation Team- We are available for speaking engagements as well!

Eulalie Meadowcroft Scandiuzzi, Founder

  • Designed, Branded and Patented Moonjar Moneyboxes
  • Author of Moonjar Books ( 2 published and 26 outlined)
  • Produced and Directed Moonjar Animations
  • Co-creator Moonjar games and curricula

Mary Karges, CEO / Director of International Product Sales

  • Instrumental in developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with key players across multiple channels
  • Develops new channels for sales as well as maintains current partnerships
  • Co-creator of Moonjar products

Tatum Kerr, Office Manager/ Logistics and shipping

  • Manages overseas operations
  • Provides excellent customer service