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Money Prodigy and Moonjar

 We are so happy to be recommended as a great gift to start the Money Conversation!! Thank you to Money Prodigy.

Here is what they say: 

Money educational toys for kids provide the best of both worlds — fun for now, and lessons that will stay with them into adulthood when they’ll need those important life skills.

I’ve got an idea. This year, instead of gifting money to your nieces, nephews, and other kid(dos) your life, why not gift money educational toys for kids?

Not only will they have fun playing with them now, but they’ll learn some valuable money lessons. If nothing else, then they’ll get more exposure to the super-important life skill of dealing with money.

Whether you’ve got a budding kidpreneur, or someone who has yet to ask about money, here are 9 educational toys for kids to put under your tree.

And just in time for Cyber Week and free shipping!


SAVE SPEND AND SHARE this Holiday Season!


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