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Money Books for Kids!



Teach a Child to Save, Global Financial Awareness, Money Smart Week, these are just a few of the spring boards used in the month of April to open the MONEY CONVERSATION with Kids and families!

There are activities all over the world. The most straightforward activity is to READ Read books about Money with kids and talk about what is going on!  Teaching kids about Money is the job of all of us. We need to talk about Money at home and encourage schools to teach about SAVE SPEND and SHARE from pre-school on.

Moonjar has two great books about kids and Money but we are not the only ones! I have a little list to share for APRIL! Keep the conversation growing.

Books for Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching money is a lot of fun! Kids are keenly interested in this subject, since even as little, they know money is something they want to have a lot of, right?  :)  The following children's books are great for adding a literacy component to your math lessons and can make this topic more engaging and memorable.


Noom and Raj Start a Bussiness The ABCs of Money

(A kit book comes with a Moonjar and teaches money words)


How the Moonjar was Made

(Takes our two guys, Noom and Raj through building a business)

(1-5th grade)

Money Madness

(overall book for teaching

money: a history of money,

why it's needed...)

Kindergarten - Grade 3


A Dollar, a Penny, How

Much, How Many?

(zany Math is CATegorical

series book; good intro)

Kindergarten - Grade 3


Follow the Money

(follow a quarter thru a day;

including many money-

related problems)

Kindergarten - Grade 3


Coin Counting Book

(examples of counting coins--

great for teaching money)

Grade 1- Grade 3


The Penny Pot

(face painting at a fair + one

kid's effort to earn the cost)

Grade 1- Grade

One Cent, Two Cents,

Old Cent, New Cents

(a kid friendly summary

with usual Seuss style flair)

Kindergarten - Grade 2


Once Upon a Dime

(a farmer's tree that

grows money, based on

different fertilizer)

Preschool - Grade 1


A Dollar for Penny

(a child earns money

at a lemonade stand)

Step into Reading

Kindergarten - Grade 2


A Chair for My Mother

(brilliantly illustrated book

about a girl saving money for a gift)Kindergarten - Grade 2


The Go-Around Dollar

(day in the life of a dollar

bill, including great

close ups of bills)

Kindergarten - Grade 3


Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Saturday

(classic book about a boy

who burns thru his money)

Kindergarten - Grade 4


If You Made a Million

(lots of financial education

topics for children:

savings, checks, interest...)

Grade 1-5


Deenna's Lucky Penny

(Deena works to earn

money for her mom's gift;

lots of money equivalencies)

Grade 2 & Up


A Smart Girl's

Guide to Money

(an American Girl series

book on personal finance,

smart shopping...)

Grade 5 & Up



The Story of Money

(a history of money

for older children)

Grade 3 & Up


Pigs Will Be Pigs

subtitled Fun With

Math and Money

Kindergarten - Grade 3


Neale S. Godfrey's


Kids Money Book

Grade 3-6

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