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Mighty Girl Picked Moonjar!

allowance great gift for kids mighty girl teach kids about money

We are love to hear from people who use Moonjars adn find them helpful! This week one of our favorite shout outs came from "A Mighty Girl".  We need to step up our kids' confidence levels around money choices. Both boys and girls need to be offered language and tools to help them practice with money choices!  

A Mighty Girl Pick of the Day: Moonjar Moneybox. A recent Girl Scouts' study found that only 12% of girls between 8 and 17 feel very confident making financial decisions -- a strong indicator of the need to improve girls' financial literacy and confidence managing money. An important step toward greater financial confidence is learning how to plan and save for different types of expenditures and a divided piggy bank is a great way to help kids visualize these different categories.

This durable retro-tin Moonjar Moneybox features three moneyboxes marked save, spend, and share. This division is an excellent way to teach children about the benefits of saving money for a special purpose versus spending it immediately. It also provides an easy way to make charitable giving a part of your child's life. Along with the three-part moneybox, the set comes with a family guide and a passbook to track transactions. Highly recommended for ages 3 and up.

To learn more or order the Moonjar Moneybox, visit

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