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Make Lemonade with those Lemons and then SHARE the profits!

Here’s to lemonade stands and water experiments everywhere -
let the summer fun flourish!
At Moonjar we hope you area having a happy summer. We want to offer a couple of ways to put your Share money to good use whether your Lemonade Stand is a booming business or primarily a parent supported adventure.
When kids in your life think about where to Share, look for a charity or social cause that directly touches the child’s life and interests.  Maybe it is a well known charity.   For example, if an uncle has been struggling with heart disease, that child might
want to give to the American Heart Association.  Perhaps the
kids in your life care a great deal about the local parks.  Most
local parks departments have neighborhood associations that
will take donations of money or time. 
The “Share Box” can be used in many different ways - they all count!  For a list of over 600,000 places you can make a difference take a look at  When you find what you're looking for, print it out, help them put it on their Moonjar Moneybox and let it be a visual reminder of the child’s personal sharing goals. 
Remember, when kids have money smarts they have greater feelings of confidence and independence.  Celebrating our place in the Global Community can start with a simple lemonade stand or mini-garage sale!
For more ideas go to and click on the Tips & Tools page.
Let's Save, Spend and Share together throughout the year.  Have a fun, safe summer!

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