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Financial Education for Kids- Now? Or When?

Today my Twitter feed had another article about the facts around financial education for kids and how that education positively affects American consumers.

So, when should we start? Is there such a thing as too early? I don’t think so. Financial education for kids can start as soon as a child encounters money. Money management for kids is the first lesson and needs to be taught and practiced for years! One great way to introduce the concept of managing money is with a moneybox. Moonjar’s Save Spend and Share are great concepts and a clear way to introduce early financial education at home. As with all things parenting, meet the child at the level he or she is ready to discover. As the kids grow, the financial education for kids grows right along with them.

It is clear that positive money management comes with practice and the conversations around that practice. Starting early and keeping the conversation growing will result in savvy consumers as well communicative kids!

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