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Back to School Money Talk

Back to School Money Talk


In our house the money conversation is about whether or not our adult children are on their own and when in fact, it is appropriate for us to step in.  I was surprised and honored when our baby, the 18 year old college freshman went to school with his Moonjar.  The conversation has grown for years but I love to be reminded daily about how it starts!

The third grade story of money and back to school is my favorite. Yesterday a dad came into the office with his third grader and we had a great conversation about how starting the money conversation now is perfect.


The boy told me that usually he keeps all his money in his wallet and then buys a lego set when he can. He also told me that many times his parents give him the money when he wants something he does not have enough money to buy. That was our moment, we talked about setting a goal and aiming toward that goal. He said it might take a while to get enough to buy the really cool set he wants to buy next but he got it. In fact, he started to talk about just how long it would take to gather enough money in the spend box in order to buy that set. The 4 weeks he realized he would need to wait suddenly did not seem so far away because he was making it happen.


We also talked about the Share box (my favorite) and how he would give some money to PAWs as he has been so excited about what they are doing right now for animals in the areas near by with forest fires.   And as they left the dad came back in to ask me about the SAVE box…he asked what kids do with that.  I told him I know some kids who SAVE up to a certain amount they set and then take it to open a bank account. He loved that idea and decided the long term Save goal is college.


It was a good day at the office!!

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